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About Our Firm

Flanagan & Maniotis, P.A. is an AV-rated defense firm which was established in 1990 by Patrick Flanagan and Nicholas Maniotis. Our firm’s main marketing tool is its reputation for cost-efficient, vigorous representation and its resulting track record of success.

New clients are attracted by our reputation in the local legal community. While we try to limit ourselves geographically to Broward County to the south and Martin County to the north, we have represented clients from the Florida Keys to as far north as Orlando.

The founding partners, Patrick B. Flanagan and Nicholas Maniotis, are experienced trial lawyers with over 30 years’ of experience. Our law firm has represented insurance companies, healthcare providers, healthcare entities and others. 

Flanagan & Maniotis, P.A. is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers. Our attorneys have represented clients in various types of legal matters.  

Wh​y Choose Us

Our team has an extensive background in civil litigation. Our partners are well-rounded legal practitioners who have become well-known beacons in the community.


Our Philosophy

We believe that an aggressive defense does not necessarily mean that it has to be wide-ranging, expensive, or contentious in a counterproductive way. After our consultation with a client, we focus on the issues that are important to the dispute’s resolution. We then develop a plan to address those concerns.

Our firm has strong ties to the local community. Mr. Maniotis and Mr. Flanagan grew up together in West Palm Beach. Nick’s father has been active in the local insurance community for more than 45 years. Patrick’s father is retired after 35 years of personal injury defense practice.

We, along with our clients, find our local ties to be a great asset. Some of our Little League teammates are now the doctors and experts we routinely deal with. Our high school classmates are the judges before whom we practice.

Mission and Vision

Our team knows what a client is looking for when choosing a defense firm. The first thing is a realistic assessment of a suit’s potential and, if appropriate, assistance in negotiating early on the best settlement possible. Next is a well-conceived plan of how to achieve a realistic goal, whether it is a defense verdict or a more advantageous compromise that could be used before a lawsuit is filed.

We seek to be the choice legal service provider of insurance companies and health care entities by offering excellent legal representation at highly competitive rates.

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